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How to Gain Bill Savings

SCE’s Family Electric Rate Assistance program helps eligible customers save on their monthly bills.

Growing up, Deborah Sample remembers her mom being big on saving energy. She would always remind her family to turn off the lights.

It’s something she still does, even now.

“We always do anything we can to help save energy and money,” Sample said. “It helps make our income go a little further.”

Looking to save even more money, Sample enrolled in Southern California Edison’s Family Electric Rate Assistance program, which gives eligible households of three or more an 18% discount on their electricity bills.

Customers can participate if they meet the annual income-qualifying guidelines, which were updated from June 1, 2024, through May 31, 2025.

Customers can apply online or by mail.

Being enrolled in this program has been a huge help, especially having two kids that I needed to put through college. Every little bit makes a difference.”

Deborah Sample

“An 18% discount can make a world of difference, enabling customers to manage their bills more effectively,” said Brian Stonerock, SCE director of Advanced Energy Solutions. “These programs not only help with immediate savings but they also support long-term sustainability.”

In addition to the monthly savings, FERA participants may also qualify for energy-saving home improvements or free energy-efficient appliances through SCE’s Energy Savings Assistance program.

“I would be really surprised if customers are not taking advantage of this opportunity. I always tell my friends and neighbors about the program,” Sample said.

Like mother, like daughter­. Sample is continuing the family tradition — saving money and energy.

To learn more about SCE’s programs to help residential customers manage their bills, visit sce.com/billhelp.