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How to Reduce Summer Energy Bills

SCE’s Smart Energy Program helps customers save on their bills by adjusting A/C settings.

As temperatures start to heat up, most people crank their air conditioning down. But if you’re on the hunt to cut costs and willing to be a little flexible, Southern California Edison’s Smart Energy Program could help you with summer savings.

When energy use is high, like on very hot days, SCE may call an energy event and tap into qualifying smart thermostats to adjust temperatures up to four degrees
higher. This limits the use of A/C, helping lessen demand on the electric grid.

Getting a bit too toasty? Don’t worry, you can always manually readjust the thermostat whenever you
like, but the more you participate, the more money you save.

Benefits of enrolling in SCE’s Smart Energy Program:

  • $75 bill credit for enrolling.
    o Sign up for the Smart Energy Program through authorized service providers and receive a one-time $75 bill credit.
  • Earn bill credits throughout the year.
    o You can earn up to $40 in bill credits for participating in the program from June 1-Sept. 30 each year.
  • Earn a $30 rebate.
    o Dispose of your old thermostat at a qualifying location to receive your rebate.

Smart thermostats connect heating and cooling systems to any smart device, enabling you to adjust the temperature on demand or arrange settings in advance. The device even uses machine learning to better understand your preferences and can adjust based on what it learns.

To learn more about SCE’s Smart Energy Program, visit sce.com/sep.