Save Money With Smart Water Heater Rewards

SCE’s new SmartShift Program rewards customers for using clean, renewable energy during off-peak hours.

Water heating makes up about 20% of a home’s average energy consumption.

To help customers save energy and money, Southern California Edison launched SmartShift Rewards, a new program that turns your electric water heater into a smart device, activating it when rates are lower and keeping the water hot for when you need it.

Electricity prices fluctuate throughout the day, so by pre-heating during morning and midday hours, when there’s more clean energy available and rates are lower, you’ll save money and avoid using electricity in the evening, when it’s more expensive.

Once you sign up and complete a four-week orientation period, you’ll receive a $50 enrollment bonus and continue earning rewards for each month you participate.

“SmartShift Rewards helps customers save money without compromising hot water availability,” said Veronica Saakyan, principal manager for Building Electrification and Income Qualified Programs at SCE.

“The program operates on lower rates, stores clean energy for peak times, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and eases strain on the grid. It’s a win for our customers, for California and the climate,” Saakyan said.

SCE's SmartShift Rewards program turns your electric water heater into a smart device that activates it when rates are lower and keeps the water hot until needed.
SCE's SmartShift Rewards program turns your electric water heater into a smart device that activates when rates are lower and keeps the water hot until needed.

So, how does it work?

SmartShift Rewards connects to qualifying electric water heaters using smart control devices and, in the case of heat pump water heaters, the thermostatic mixing valves that keep stored water at an ideal temperature for home use. When needed, control devices will be provided at no cost.

During the orientation period, the program learns your water use habits and figures out the best timing for water heating. After that, Smartshift Rewards will make adjustments based on your preferences.

Participants may opt out for short periods but the program must be active for at least 14 days per month to earn rewards.

Sign up, save money and enjoy a nice, hot shower while helping California meet its climate goals.

SmartShift Rewards is available to any SCE or Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) residential or small business customer in SCE’s service area, who:

  • Has at least one electric water heater — either a heat pump water heater or an electric resistance water heater (tankless models are not eligible).
  • Is currently on, or agrees to switch to, an SCE Time of Use (TOU) rate plan, which helps you take advantage of the lowest available rate.

Customers may be eligible for additional rebates and tax credits to replace outdated natural gas, propane or electric resistance water heaters with heat pump water heaters that are up to four times more efficient than gas and standard electric resistance models.

Federal, state and local incentives are available through the Switch is On, while SCE’s Energy Savings Assistance and Building Electrification programs provide no-cost retrofits for qualified, low-income customers.

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