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Protecting the Environment With Paperless Billing

Southern California Edison promotes ‘green’ program that also helps prevent identity theft and reduces costs.

Did you know paper creates up to 25% of landfill waste, 33% of municipal waste and 50% of business waste? One simple way to reduce the amount of paper going into landfills is through paperless billing, which also contributes to reduced air pollution from paper production and helps with the national paper shortage, which has increased paper costs by as much as 60%.

Paperless billing is a convenient way to access your current and historical bills and reduces paper clutter at home.

Other advantages include:

  • Security – safer than a paper bill that could be stolen in the mail and used for identity theft. Just make sure never to handle billing on public Wi-Fi. Also, avoid clicking through to a website through an email – it is safer to type the URL directly into your browser.
  • On-the-go convenience.
  • Accessibility – view your current and historical bills anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

Paperless Billing Details

  • SCE will automatically send reminders when your bill is due so that you won’t miss your payment.
  • Customers may choose to end participation in electronic billing at any time by contacting SCE. Such requests will be effective the next regular billing cycle after the customer’s request is processed by SCE.
  • All charges that would have appeared on the paper bill, along with all legal and mandated notices, are provided with the electronic bill.
  • Viewing your bill online 24/7 on your computer or phone is as simple as signing into your MyAccount.
  • Your security is safer with paperless billing. Since statements aren’t mailed to your home, mail thieves won’t get access to your information if they intercept your mail.
  • You only need one username and password that enables you to access your account. You can use an encrypted password app to make things easier.

Create less waste and use fewer resources by signing up for paperless billing. Simply sign into
MyAccount, select “Preference Center” from the left navigation and click the paperless billing toggle button to turn on the alert.

To learn more, visit Paperless Billing.