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Seasonal Changes May Favorably Impact SCE Customer Bills

A $59 credit on October bills and winter TOU rates through May provide a measure of relief.

Autumn is here and it brings some welcome news about customers’ monthly bills. Southern California Edison residential and small business customers will receive the second of two annual California Climate Credits on their October billing statements. This year’s first credit appeared on customer bills in April. This year, each of the two credits is $59, totaling a $118 rebate for each eligible SCE customer.

Funding for the California Climate Credit comes from the state’s Greenhouse Gas Cap and Trade Program, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, natural gas distributors and other large industries. In addition to the credit, several rate changes took effect Oct. 1.

Winter season rates for TOU (Time-of-Use) customers continue through May 31:

  • Rates decrease 9.4% during the 4-9 p.m. hours for residential customers on the TOU-D-4-9 rate.
  • Customers on the TOU-D-5-8 rate will receive a 15.2% decrease during the 5-8 p.m. period.
  • Rates for Off-Peak time periods also decrease.
Together, the climate credit and TOU winter seasonal rate decreases should lessen the impact of an SCE systemwide 1.9% rate increase (2.9% for residential customers), also effective Oct. 1. The increase is driven primarily by the ongoing costs of protecting the electric grid from the effects of extreme weather.

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