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A Win-Win for Customers and the Power Grid

SCE’s Demand Response programs reward customers for conserving energy to help to prevent power supply disruptions.

As we leave winter behind and head into spring, it is a good idea to think about how to reduce your electric bill before the coming summer months when the demand for electricity in Southern California is highest.

Enter the Demand Response program
, a smart answer that helps customers reduce energy costs and contribute to a more reliable statewide power grid.

“The more customers participate in Demand Response, the more they contribute to lowering the overall price of electricity in the long run for everyone,” said Carter Prescott, SCE director of Advanced Energy Solutions.

Customers can receive financial incentives for participating in Demand Response programs.
SCE customers can receive financial incentives for participating in Demand Response programs.

By reducing or shifting their electricity consumption during peak demand periods, customers help balance the supply and demand of electricity, thus reducing the cost of electricity over time.

SCE has two residential Demand Response programs that customers can choose from: The Smart Energy Program allows customers to earn up to $115 in sign-up credit combined with annual bill credits. The Summer Discount Plan offers up to $160 in summer bill credits.

How Demand Response Works

  • When the grid is strained, participants receive notifications from SCE to reduce energy use.
  • Customers then voluntarily limit nonessential energy use during peak demand times.
  • In return, they receive financial incentives from SCE.
  • For both programs, customers must be enrolled from June 1 through Sept. 30 to be eligible to receive bill credits.
  • There is no cost to enroll in either program.

Customers who actively participate in Demand Response programs receive financial incentives, which indirectly contribute to helping the environment by improving the efficiency and reliability of the grid and avoiding the need for other costly and polluting energy resources.

Demand Response programs also play
an important role in preventing sudden electricity disruptions to customer homes. This is crucial to maintaining system resiliency and reliability.

California Independent System Operator, which manages the state’s electric grid, says Demand Response programs are an important tool that contributes to grid stability and cost savings while providing environmental benefits.

To learn more about SCE’s
Demand Response programs, visit sce.com/resdrp.