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Summer Discount Plan: Where’s the Override Option?

When you enroll in our Summer Discount Plan, you can earn bill credits by voluntarily allowing us to install a device on your air conditioner to shut it off for up to six hours a day during “energy events,” which may be called during times of high-electricity demand or during emergencies.

Within the plan, you can choose the “override” option, which lets you opt out of up to five energy event days a year.

For your safety, in order to participate in the override option, your air conditioning unit must be installed on the ground.

How to override an energy event:

Locate the cycling device installed on or near your air conditioning unit. When your air conditioner has been shut off, you’ll see a green LED light flashing. If you also see a yellow LED light, you have remaining overrides to use.

Simply press the button on the upper right hand corner of the device and your air conditioner compressor will turn back on within 10 minutes. Once you override an event, you will not have any more energy events for the remainder of the day.

How to find out how many overrides you have left:

Make sure that no energy events are in progress. In other words, there should not be a green or yellow LED light flashing. If it is not an energy event day, press the “override” button on your cycling device and hold it for about 10 seconds. When you release, the red LED light will flash. The number of times that the red light flashes will indicate how many overrides you have left.

If you’d like to change your program option from Standard to Override, you may do so by by using our online form or calling us at 800-497-2813.

Want to be more comfortable during a Summer Discount Plan event? 

Try our 50 percent cycling option. Your air conditioner will be shut off for 15 minutes of each half hour for up to six hours a day when a Summer Discount Plan event is called, versus 100 percent cycling off for the entire duration of the energy event. Call us at  800-497-2813 to learn more.