SCE Lineman’s Daughter, 6, Diagnosed With Leukemia

Family and friends of the Rotts start a fundraising effort to assist in Chloe’s care and treatments.

Jillian Rott’s daughter, Chloe, 6, had lumps on her face and neck and some swollen lymph nodes. A quick visit to the doctor’s office turned into two months of additional tests, including blood work and an ultrasound.

The diagnosis was every parent’s worst nightmare: Chloe had leukemia.

“It was almost a couple of weeks till I said ‘OK, this is really happening,’” said Jillian. “I was in shock … how did this happen?”

Since the June 28 diagnosis, Chloe has undergone chemotherapy treatments, including surgery to insert a permanent port in her chest to administer her medicine. Her treatments will need to continue for two years.

Video Credit: Justin Felles, Nicholas Roy and Joseph Foulk

Most of her hair has fallen out now, but she is still full of energy as she pulls on her mom’s arm to come and play with her.

“We are just devastated,” said Chloe’s father, Andrew, a lineman in the Apparatus Division at Southern California Edison. “We are in disbelief, but still knowing it is true.”

But seeing his daughter’s positive attitude as she grasps new words like “cancer” and “chemotherapy,” Andrew can’t help but feel positive too.

“She is doing better than we thought she would be doing,” said Andrew. “She is still very active.”

But life has definitely changed for the Rotts. Since Chloe cannot get sick due to her compromised immune system, the formerly active family stays home most days now. Chloe is now home-schooled and her two older brothers — Caden, 7, and Kevin, 10 — can no longer have play dates at their house.

And through it all, the Rott family’s faith has played a large role in their positive outlook.

“Our faith has played a huge part in this,” said Jillian. “That there is somebody to believe in and cling to.”

Relatives and friends have been a huge support and they recently started a fundraising campaign to help raise money for Chloe’s care and treatments. So far they have raised just over $19,500. To donate, visit:

They’ve also started a blog so people can follow Chloe’s progress.

“It’s definitely difficult every day,” said Jillian. “It can change minute-to-minute. Sometimes it really hits me and then I pull myself together.”

One of Jillian’s worries is the amount of time Andrew is taking off from work to help care for Chloe and bring her to treatments. Soon, he will run out of his allotted sick days.

“After talking with Andrew about his daughter Chloe, it is evident that she is a wonderful little girl. I am sure her positive energy and support from her family and friends will help her get through the treatment,” said Albert Antunez, Andrew’s manager at SCE.

“All of our thoughts and prayers go out to Andrew and his family during this difficult time,” he said.

SCE employees can donate vacation hours to Andrew by sending an email to with the subject line “Prayers for Chloe.”

As Chloe heads to another round of chemotherapy, the Rotts are grateful for their daughter’s courage and never-ending energy.

“It’s the help from family and friends and our faith in God that have helped us through this,” said Jillian.

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