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Resources to Help Manage Your Bill During COVID-19 Emergency Restrictions

Here are some resources and programs to help you with financial challenges and payments during the COVID-19 emergency.

Bill Help

Southern California Edison announced that it is suspending service disconnections for nonpayment and waiving late fees by request, effective immediately, for residential and small business customers impacted by the current COVID-19 emergency restrictions.

For more information about customer programs, visit
: sce.com/billhelp.

Time-of-Use Rate Plans

Being on a rate plan that helps you save money is important. SCE offers several Time-of-Use rates that offer lower rates during daytime hours. The Time-of-Use Rate plans may work for households that use more energy during the day.

The cost of electric service is changing at different times of the day. Generally, you can benefit from a Time-of-Use rate plan if you can shift some or most of your energy usage away from 4-9 p.m. For instance, you can optimize your day and run major appliances or charge your electric vehicle during off-peak hours.

sce.com/rateplantool to compare our rate plans and determine which one is best for your home.

Budget Assistant

You can also sign up for alerts if your next projected bill is expected to exceed your spending goal.

Our Budget Assistant tool is here to help and is free to use. You can customize your alert options and receive alerts via email, phone or text. To sign up for the Budget Assistant tool, v
isit: sce.com/budgetassistant.

Here are some other SCE Customer Assistance Programs:

California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARE)

The CARE program provides a discount of about 30% on monthly electric bills for eligible customers. Households of two would be eligible if the household income is below $32,920 per year. For more information: sce.com/care.

Family Electric Rate Assistance (FERA)

FERA provides a reduced monthly discount of 18% for income-qualified households of three or more if the household income is below $51,950 per year. For more information: sce.com/fera.

Energy Assistance Fund (EAF)

SCE’s nonprofit EAF program, in partnership with the United Way of Greater Los Angeles, is funded by customers and SCE employees. It provides up to $100 once during a 12-month period to help customers pay their SCE energy bills when they meet the program’s income qualifications. Visit sce.com/eaf and click the “How to Get Assistance” link.