Norwalk Metrolink Riders Can Now Charge Their EVs at the Train Station

SCE helps the city install 12 new stations through its Charge Ready pilot program.

Electric vehicle drivers who take Metrolink to work from Norwalk can now plug their cars in before they get on the train, returning at the end of the day to cars that are fully charged and ready for the drive home, thanks to a Southern California Edison pilot program known as Charge Ready.

The 12 new electric vehicle charging stations on the Norwalk side of the Norwalk-Santa Fe Springs Metrolink Station were installed through the Charge Ready program, in which SCE provides electrical infrastructure necessary for electric vehicle charging, as well as a rebate to help the city of Norwalk pay for the charging stations itself.

“Norwalk is excited to see this project come to the Metrolink station,” said Mayor Luigi Vernola at a ribbon-cutting ceremony Monday to celebrate the charging stations coming online. “The installation of these 12 units through Edison’s Charge Ready program will provide Norwalk residents and visitors the opportunity to recharge their electric vehicles while they’re at work or visiting our city.”

Giving electric vehicle drivers more options to charge is one of the ways SCE is working to support California’s goal of putting 7 million zero-emission vehicles on the road by 2030, said Laura Renger, SCE’s principal manager for Air and Climate Policy, who also spoke at the event. 

“Being able to charge up at this train station could make the difference between being able to drive an electric vehicle or not."

Laura Renger 
SCE Principal Manager 

“Being able to charge up at this train station could make the difference between being able to drive an electric vehicle or not,” Renger said. “This is especially important, as we at Southern California Edison believe that electrifying transportation is the best way to fight climate change and help reduce air pollution.”

The Metrolink station is among nearly 70 sites within SCE’s service area where more than 1,000 electric vehicle chargers are being added through the Charge Ready program. Other Charge Ready sites include public parking lots, workplaces, hospitals, destination centers, apartment and condominium complexes and fleet parking areas.

SCE is working with cities, employers, apartment building owners, charging equipment manufacturers and others to install electric vehicle charging stations at locations where plug-in electric vehicles are parked for four hours or more. Many of the charging stations will be installed in communities the state has identified as being disproportionately affected by air pollution.

“For a while now, the city has been asked by businesses, employees, visitors and residents when EV charging would become available,” said Christina Roberto, Norwalk’s Public Services manager. “I’m glad to be able to say that Norwalk now has EV charging stations!”

Charge Ready is one example of how SCE supports critical greenhouse gas and air quality goals by promoting the adoption of electric vehicles. Earlier this year, SCE also filed a wide-ranging plan with the state to increase electrification of a broad range of vehicles, including buses, medium- and heavy-duty trucks and industrial vehicles and equipment.