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Energy-Efficient, At-Home Activities for the Whole Family

Whether making a bird feeder or building a fort, these activities are simple and fun for kids and adults.

We’re all getting creative to pass time amid the stay-at-home order. Here are some fun projects for the whole family to try on National Creativity Day.

DIY Bird Feeder

Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeders

Materials: Cardboard tubes, peanut butter, bird seed, string

Spruce up your outdoor area with some DIY bird feeders. Take a cardboard tube and roll it in peanut butter, then bird seed. Allow it to dry, then take some string and hang it outside as a tasty treat for passing birds.

Safe Storytime Fort

Safe Storytime Fort

Materials: 3-5 boxes, bedsheets, pillows, flashlight and your favorite storybook

Do you have a bunch of delivery boxes piling up? Use them to make a safe storytime fort. First, paint the boxes. Once they’re dry, set up the boxes throughout a room in your home and drape sheets over them to create a fort. Secure the sheets with clothes pins or a light book. Snuggle up with your favorite book and a flashlight and enjoy.

Indoor Home Garden

Indoor Home Garden

Materials: Egg carton, eggshells, soil, seeds, toothpick, Post-it note

Save your eggshells to create an easy indoor home garden. First, place the bottom of each eggshell back into the egg carton. Then softly scoop about a spoonful of soil into each eggshell. Poke a hole in the soil with your index finger and drop your seed into it. Cover each seed with soil, place in a window, and watch your garden grow right before your eyes. Once your seedlings are ready to be moved outside, simply plant the entire egg in your garden. The eggshell will break down and provide nutrients to your seedlings to help them grow.

Extra Tip: Keep track of what’s in your garden with homemade garden signs. Tape a Post-it note around a toothpick and stick it in the soil near each seedling.

Cardboard Puppet Show

Cardboard Puppet Show

Materials: Large cardboard box, paint, scissors, cardboard tubes (from toilet paper or paper towels), tissue paper, straws, construction paper, markers and glitter

First, take your box and tape the top so it is closed and secured. Cut a rectangle out of the front of your box about 6 inches down from the top, then paint your box and decorate it with glitter, markers or stickers and let it dry. As your theater is drying, make your puppets using cardboard tubes, construction paper, tissue paper and straws. You can also try using old socks, buttons and some glue to make your puppets.