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Elevators: What to do During an Outage

If you are in an elevator when the power goes out, the elevator will automatically stop where it is. There’s no cause for alarm, but there are a few things you can do to let the right people know that you’re stuck and help you get out sooner.

1. Press the “Open” Button: If you’re near the landing the door will open. Exit the elevator slowly and carefully, as it may not be level with the landing.

2. Press the Alarm or Help Button: Trained emergency personnel will respond within several minutes. Some elevators have a two-way speaker system or telephone. Do not be alarmed if you cannot make an outgoing call. Some phones are designed to only receive calls, and emergency personnel should call when they arrive at the building.

3. Calmly Call for Help: Every few minutes, call for help or bang on the elevator door to attract attention.

4. Wait for Help: Never try to exit through partially opened doors or a ceiling service door. Wait for trained emergency personnel to arrive. Even though it may get warm, plenty of air is circulating in the elevator.

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