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Demand Response Programs Reward Energy-Saving Heroes

SCE’s energy-saving programs help meet energy demands during the summer months while providing financial incentives for customers.

The dog days of summer may not have arrived yet, but the time to plan for another hot summer has. With steaming forecasts on the horizon, Southern California Edison is offering programs that help customers conserve energy while earning financial incentives, helping to ensure energy supplies meet the rising demand.

SCE’s Demand Response program participants play a pivotal role in the reliable delivery of electricity to the utility’s 50,000-square-mile service area during the hottest days. During these periods, the demand for energy is at its highest as customers begin to crank up air conditioners to escape the swelter.

As energy supplies near critical levels, we may call Demand Response events and send notifications to program participants to inform them we will be turning off or cycling their air conditioners,” said Patrick Riley, SCE Demand Response Programs manager.

By reducing energy usage during these critical times, Demand Response program participants help to ensure that energy supplies remain high enough to meet the increased demand.

“These optional programs provide well-deserved financial incentives for participating customers,” said Riley. “Our Demand Response customers play an integral role in helping us meet summer demand and they are rewarded in the form of bill credits.”

One of SCE’s Demand Response program options is the Summer Discount Plan. Program participants can receive up to $180 in annual credits on their energy bill with this option, along with a $50 sign-up bonus available this year.

The program is free to enroll and participate in and allows customers to manage their preferences at the time of enrollment. For an additional level of comfort, the tiered program includes options with override control, allowing customers to opt out of an energy event if they are at home and still want to control their air conditioner.

The Smart Energy Program offers bill credits throughout the summer and a $75 rebate when customers install and enroll a new thermostat in their home. With similar flexibility to the Summer Discount Plan, the Smart Energy Program can help offset summer energy costs while providing flexibility for participants to take control of their thermostat during event hours.

To learn more about program options, visit SCE’s Demand Response website. Download the Demand Response Alerts app to receive event notifications directly to your smartphone (app available for both iPhone and Android).