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Bringing Benefits of Solar to Environmentally Impacted Communities

Southern California Edison is seeking solar and energy developers for two clean energy projects.

In communities experiencing economic burdens and the harmful health effects from air and other environmental pollution, solar energy can help residents save money while also helping the environment.

Two of the state’s programs, t
he Community Solar Green Tariff and DAC (Disadvantaged Communities) -Green Tariff, have been designed to bring solar energy to customers who can benefit from it the most. Both programs provide emission-free energy, which helps clean the air that all community members breathe, and they provide business opportunities for solar and energy developers.

Additionally, the programs could potentially reach about 25,000 Southern California Edison residential customers living in these communities. Many of these customers may not be able to install solar rooftops.

What Solar and Energy Developers Should Know:

SCE is seeking offers from solar and energy developers for both the Community Solar Green Tariff and DAC-Green Tariff programs.

Developers interested in the programs can attend a webinar at 10 a.m. (PDT) on April 1 to learn more about the program requirements and how to submit an offer. All offers are due by May 3.

They can also find additional information on SCE’s website and sign up to be added to its developer distribution list.

DAC-Green Tariff

The DAC-Green Tariff program provides participating eligible customers with 100% renewable energy and a 20% discount on their electricity bill.

To qualify for the program, customers must meet certain criteria. They must be income-qualified and eligible for the California Alternate Rates for Energy or the Family Electric Rate Assistance programs. And, they must live in an environmentally impacted community that the state identifies as being in the top 25% using CalEnviroScreen.

Once an energy developer has been selected through a competitive bidding process and signs an energy contract, interested customers will be able to apply with SCE to participate in the program.

Community Solar Green Tariff

Like other community solar projects, the Community Solar Green Tariff works to ensure everyone in the community shares in the benefits of the solar energy generated.

This is done in several ways. Eligible customers who sign up for the project will receive a 20% discount on their electricity bill once the project is operational. The project also creates job training opportunities that will provide a lasting impact and benefits to all residents. Additionally, to further encourage robust community participation, a local government or nonprofit, community-based organization is needed to sponsor the program.

Under the program, potential project sites must be located in an environmentally impacted community that the state identifies as being within the top 25% using CalEnviroScreen. Additionally, 50% of the participants must be income-qualified and all participants must live with five miles of the community.

For local governments and nonprofit, community-based organizations interested in sponsoring a Community Solar Green Tariff project in their community, SCE can help connect you with developers. Email DACPrograms@sce.com to start the process.

The programs are funded through cap-and-trade allowance revenues. If such funds are exhausted, they are then funded through public purpose program funds.

Both programs align with SCE’s vision for a clean energy future. As outlined in its
Pathway 2045, the large amounts of utility scale and residential solar energy and energy storage, including 10 GW of solar and 40 GW of storage, are needed on the grid to meet the state’s carbon-neutrality goals.