Tips for Charging Your Phone During an Outage

SCE recommends these steps to keep your phone going even when the power is out.

We rely on our phones for information every day. Whether checking on the latest news, weather or events or touching base with friends and loved ones, our phones are our lifelines to the world. So how do we keep them operating during a power outage or emergency event?

Below are some quick and easy ways to give your phone a boost when it’s needed most:

  1. External Battery Pack
    An external battery pack is great to have on hand and most can supply enough power to charge your phone a few times. PLEASE NOTE: You need some advanced planning on this one to remember to keep the battery pack charged.
  2. Solar-Powered Charger
    If you’re an outdoor adventurer or a mega-prepper, you may want to consider getting a solar-powered charger. This handy device only requires the power of the sun to help charge your phone.
  3. Charge With Your Laptop
    Plug your phone into your laptop’s USB port to give it some juice. Although it may take longer to charge and it may drain your laptop’s battery, your phone is most likely a higher priority since it can connect to the Internet and make emergency calls.
  4. Charge With Your Car’s Battery
    Most vehicles have USB charging ports, making them an excellent power source during an outage. If you own an older vehicle without USB ports, adapters are available that plug into the 12V access socket or lighter port.
  5. Hand-Crank Charger
    Yes, they are a real thing. A hand-crank charger is helpful when you are in a pinch for power. While it may require some time and effort to generate the power you need, a hand-crank charger can be a valuable emergency backup.
  6. Visit Our Community Crew Vehicles
    During an emergency, Southern California Edison dispatches Community Crew Vehicles that provide charging ports, where you can power mobile devices and grab some snacks and water.
  7. BONUS TIP: Conserve Your Phone’s Power
    If none of the above options are available, consider conserving your phone’s remaining power. Putting your phone on airplane mode, lowering your screen’s brightness and turning off applications that run in the background can help keep your phone going a little longer.