Backup Power Sources Help Keep the Lights On

When an emergency or power outage strikes, SCE customers can help keep their household devices running by incorporating a backup battery or portable generator into their safety kit. The utility is offering rebates for qualifying backup generation.

Every day, customers power their lives with the safe and reliable delivery of energy from Southern California Edison. When that service is disrupted, whether due to a Public Safety Power Shutoff, maintenance or repairs to the electric grid or a natural disaster, SCE encourages its customers to be prepared with a plan.

And keeping the lights on during a power outage may be as simple as securing a backup battery or portable generator. SCE offers rebates for qualifying backup generation. Customers may research and shop for backup batteries or portable generators online at the
SCE Marketplace.

Backup batteries serve as portable power stations when electricity is not available. The emergency energy source can power small devices and household appliances, including mobile phones, laptops and most electronic devices that use a two-prong electric cord. Compact and easy to store, backup batteries typically need to be charged from two to six hours to reach their maximum capability.


SCE Electric Portable Power Station Rebate

An additional source of energy available to customers during an emergency is a portable generator. Powered by gasoline, diesel fuel or other natural gases, portable generators have the potential to electrify large appliances and devices such as refrigerators, lighting and water pumps. While varying in size, all portable generators must be operated outside and away from anything flammable.


SCE Portable Power Generator Rebate

Since all backup systems are different, customers are encouraged to review user manuals for detailed instructions and safety guidelines. Customers should also consider UL-listed (Underwriters Laboratories) devices since these products have been tested and verified to meet UL safety standards.

And always work with a qualified electrical worker when installing backup generation. Customers can also consult with their local fire or building department on how to store generators and fuel.