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How to Maximize Your Fan's Efficiency

Follow these tips to make the most of your fan to help you stay cool and save.

Check out these creative and easy ways to stay cool this summer using your fan and save energy.  

Tip: Turn off when not in use 
Remember that fans cool people, not rooms, so be sure to turn it off when you're not occupying the room to help save energy. 

Tip: Counterclockwise direction 
During warmer months, your ceiling fan should be turning in the counterclockwise direction which will help circulate the air downward. That means that if you're standing directly underneath the ceiling fan, you should feel a cool breeze caused by a "wind-chill" effect, which makes you feel cooler. This is the same feeling you'd get if you stuck your head out of a moving car. 

Tip: Fan blade size 
When staying cool, your ceiling fan blade size is equally important. Ceiling fan sizes can range from 29 to 54 inches and the most popular is the 52-inch model. You can determine which size you need by measuring the room where the room ceiling fan will be installed. 

Tips: Choose the right ceiling fan for your room 
Looking to install a ceiling fan at home? Energy Star has some useful tips on how to choose the best ceiling fan depending on the size of your room. For example, you could opt for a 29 to 36 inch fan with room dimensions of up to 75 feet. 

Tip: Use ice to your advantage 
Check out this neat trick from Greatist on how to create your own air conditioner at home. You’ll need a pan or bowl and fill it with ice in front of a fan. The breeze from your fan will pick up the ice’s surface as it melts and will create a cooling mist for you.