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Five Ways to Save Energy, Money During the Hot Season

SCE offers rebates and incentives and various tools to manage your daily energy usage.

Warm weather season is coming, bringing more fun in the sun across Southern California but also more work for air conditioners, home cooling systems, pool pumps and more — which often leads to using more electricity and higher bills. 

Southern California Edison wants to help customers keep their electricity bills manageable as temperatures climb. Here are five ways to take more control over your energy use and monthly bill:

1. Take advantage of rebates

SCE offers rebates on new, energy-efficient air conditioning units (up to $750), evaporative coolers (up to $400), smart thermostats (up to $125) and more. Learn about all of SCE’s rebates and incentives and apply for rebates online.

2. Time-of-Use rates 

A Time-of-Use rate plan rewards customers for reducing energy use during peak times, like weekdays between 2-8 p.m. With a Time-of-Use plan, customers can benefit from lower-energy prices by shifting more of their energy use to off-peak hours, such as weekends, early morning and evening hours, and most holidays. Use SCE’s Residential Rate Comparison Tool to find a rate option that suits your home and lifestyle.

3. Bill assistance for income-qualified customers

Customers may be eligible for help in paying their energy bill based on household income. Visit our Bill Assistance Programs page to learn if you qualify for a one-time or ongoing bill support or for free appliances through the Energy Savings Assistance Program.

4. Energy-efficiency tips for your home or business 

Simple actions done consistently — like closing your blinds to keep out the afternoon heat or using a microwave or outdoor grill to keep your home cooler — can make a difference in your monthly energy bill. Make full use of SCE’s Energy Saving Tips or Home Energy Guide to save more this season

5. Track your energy use quickly and easily

Knowledge is power, and SCE’s My Account gives customers the power to take more control of their monthly bill. It helps eliminate surprises by providing near-real-time projections of your next bill based on average daily energy use. And with the Budget Assistant tool, set a monthly spending goal to receive alerts (by email, text or phone call) when your energy usage approaches that goal. Sign up here to put My Account to work for you.