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A Message From Edison International Senior Leadership

This note was sent to our teams across Edison International (EIX), Southern California Edison (SCE) and Edison Energy, LLC on Friday, May 29. We stand with the African American community, and will not waiver in living our values now and always.

The recent deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery have shaken many of us to the core. First and foremost, to our African American colleagues, families and friends and the many people who are hurting: we all hurt with you. On behalf of the senior leadership team, please know that we are right here by your side.

Sadly, this is not new, but we must never get used to it or become numb to it. Racism and related acts of violence are something none of us should tolerate. Racism hurts in numerous ways, including ways many may not know or think about. These are issues that impact each of us as individuals, regardless of our race or ethnicity. These are also issues that impact our company and we must always remain committed to living our values and nurturing a diverse and inclusive environment.

Kevin Payne and I will address this topic further during Tuesday’s livestreams. While the timing is a coincidence, it is fitting that we will cover this in livestreams focused on emotional wellness, as these recent events have created mental and physical health concerns for too many of you.

Please continue to think about your family and friends, your neighbors, your sisters and brothers at Edison and even the impacted people you don’t know. We have a shared responsibility to keep each other safe and we must stay together, through this crisis and always.

Pedro J. Pizarro
President and CEO
Edison International