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Help Celebrate National Lineworker Appreciation Day

July 10 is National Lineworker Appreciation Day, a day to honor the lineworker profession and the contributions of these brave men and women who work tirelessly to protect public safety and make life better for their communities. 

To honor the nation’s lineworkers, there is currently a House Resolution 784 that supports designating July 10 as National Lineworker Appreciation Day. The day also honors the life and work of Henry Miller, the first president of the IBEW.

​Lineworkers are often the first responders on scene during storms or other emergencies and work round the clock to restore power for customers as quickly and safely as possible.

Join us in celebrating lineworkers by sharing a photo or experience of how a lineworker has made an impact in your life and share it on FacebookTwitter or Instagram using the #ThankALineworker tag. 

Here’s a few shareable social sayings to help get the appreciation trending:

  • For #ThankALineworker day, I’d like to celebrate @SCE crews because …
  • Showing some love to @SCE linemen for all their hard work. #ThankALineworker
  • The best-in-class crews at @SCE help keep me safe and keep the lights on #ThankALineworker

A few #ThankALineworker stories shared on SCE's social media:

"My dad started as a lineman for Edison way back -put food on our table, clothes on our backs, and a roof over our heads. Was called out in the pouring rain with lightening circling his hardhat. What a great example he set for us. Don't find many men like that today. God, I miss him."
Ann Messerschmitt Cowan, Facebook

"My love Martin Andrade was with Southern California Edison (SCE) for 24 years...I will always remember all the love and support they all gave me when My Love went to Heaven...God bless you all.....I smile every time I see one of your trucks or you guys wearing those famous shirts you wear for protection...."
Menyoun Spruill Andrade, Facebook

"I live in Lake Isabella, where we recently had a very destructive fire which burned over 280 homes. Our phone lines were down for many miles. It took only four or five days for Edison working tirelessly to get our power back on. It was amazing."
dy David, Facebook

"By just being my son, who worked his way from meter reader, to lineman, and now troubleshooter. Am proud of the hard working man and provider he has become (just like his mommy) and the importance of his dangerous job. May the force be w/ them all and keep them safe."
Elba Nader, Facebook

"These linemen are a brotherhood! This makes me teary-eyed! Folks don't realize all of the no-show bday parties, missed holidays, graduations, etc.! We've lived it, our husbands/fathers/Linemen were working to get your 'Your lights back on'! Yet, we have lives, and yes, we've received a paycheck, but our sons and daughters ask, "where is dad?!" My Lineman husband says 'it's a brotherhood'! I am Edison! Lifelong friendships are worth it! The best career in the world!"
Armida Higuera Cabral, Facebook

"I also live in Lake Isabella where the fire was and we are so grateful for the crews who worked endlessly to get our power and our communication back up. Thank you SCE !!!!"
Tammy Reyes, Facebook

"These are brave men and women, folks, who are willing to work around the clock and under all conditions to keep our lights burning. They have extremely dangerous jobs, where one mistake can result in violent death."
Donald Phipps, Facebook

"Thanks to the line workers who worked over night Wednesday 7/6 into Thursday afternoon 7/7 to restore our power in Upland , CA., I believe someone crashed into the pole."
Gina Mercuri-Hare, Facebook