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Fixed charge
and your electricity bill

AB 205 seeks to provide more transparency on electric bills by separating fixed charges from kilowatt-hour rates.

What to Know About Fixed Charge on Electricity Bills

Restructuring electricity bills by separating fixed costs and energy costs is the crux of a state law in California impacting residential customers.

Recently, there has been some confusion about the state-mandated, fixed charge proposal from California's investor-owned utilities. Let’s break it down.

The California Legislature passed a bill last year which requires the California Public Utilities Commission to change
how electricity bills are structured for residential customers.

SCE's Demand Response programs offer customers several options to earn bill credits by reducing energy use when overall demand is high.

SCE Proposes Bill Relief for Lower-Income Customers

A CPUC proceeding is considering changing how customers are charged for electric service.

Providing bill relief for millions of lower-income customers is central to a proposal Southern California Edison filed today with the California Public Utilities Commission. The proposal would also lower the amount all residential customers pay for each kilowatt-hour of electricity while increasing transparency in their bills.

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