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Seven Tips to Stay Safe During the Big Game

The big game between Denver and Carolina is almost here and an estimated 90 percent of viewers will watch it from home. Use these safety tips to help prevent injuries to your family and friends.

Eliminate trip hazards.

Bringing in a big TV or stereo for your party? Make sure to secure all electrical cords to the ground — or better yet, keep the floor clear of them — to prevent any trip hazards.

Be aware of electrical dangers on the roof.

If you’re installing a new satellite dish and heading up to your home’s roof, make sure to check for overhead power lines and keep yourself and tools at least 10 feet away from power lines.

Don’t overload extension cords.

Extension cords are a leading cause of electrical fires, causing more than 3,300 residential fires annually. If you’re using extension cords to power your TV, stereo or any other appliance, remember to use a cord that is long enough to reach your intended destination. Never plug more than one cord together and remove them from use after the game.

Use power strips sparingly and avoid overloading outlets.

Find yourself needing more power? Be careful not to overload outlets, extension cords or power strips. If a device or power strip feels hot to the touch, unplug it immediately.

Keep electrical devices away from liquids.

Liquids and electricity don’t mix. Keep your electronics, including phones and chargers, far away from the kitchen and any source of moisture.

Never leave food cooking unattended.

The Sunday of the big game is the second-highest day for food consumption after Thanksgiving. Eat till you can eat no more, but remember not to leave stovetop cooking unattended, as this is what leads to nearly two-thirds of home-cooking fires.

Don’t forget about the temperature of your food.

The USDA suggests not to keep food on the buffet at room temperature for more than two hours. Use heat sources for hot foods and ice or refrigeration for cold foods to prevent bacteria from growing.