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SCE Line Crews Repair Equipment in Mountains Blanketed by Snow

Recent storms cover mountains in up to eight feet of snow in an area just east of Fresno.

PHOTOS: Roy Whitney

Mountains in the Shaver Lake area east of Fresno were covered in 6-8 feet of snow Wednesday as Southern California Edison line crews worked to repair equipment damaged by heavy storms that recently blanketed the area. SCE Forestry staff helped crews from Tulare and Shaver Lake on Wednesday as they conducted inspections and made repairs to the power lines damaged by recent storms. 


SCE line crews used snowcats to get close to power lines, but had to hike the last stretch through the snow to repair equipment  that was damaged by the recent storms near Shaver Lake. 


Two SCE snowcats from the Forestry group in Shaver Lake were called into action to help transport line crews through the snow to get to damaged lines in the mountains east of Fresno.


"There was a lot of communication and teamwork and as always safety came first," said Ryan Stewart, SCE forester.