SCE Crews Help Restore Power in Fire-Ravaged Areas of Santa Rosa

The crews and support staff are in Northern California as part of a mutual assistance effort.

All Photos: Troy Whitman

B-roll Credit: Troy Whitman

As firefighters gain control of the fires in Northern California, area residents are slowly making their way back, some with homes still standing and others who have lost everything in the historic devastation.

Southern California Edison crews made their way to Santa Rosa over the weekend to help restore power to local residents through a mutual assistance effort.

Santa Rosa mutual assistance

In total, about 110 SCE crews and support staff and about 90 vehicles are in the area. On Monday, following a safety tailboard with local utility PG&E, crews began replacing damaged poles and reattaching wires to insulators. SCE crews are working in rough and hilly terrain and are using dust masks and eye protection to help deal with the smoke and ash as they make repairs.

SCE crews are expected to complete their restoration efforts by the end of the week.

Santa Rosa mutual assistance

The Northern California fires have consumed more than 200,000 acres and destroyed 3,500 structures. There are 41 confirmed deaths. Although some residents have been allowed to return home, about 40,000 people are still evacuated. As of Tuesday, 68 people are still reported missing.

The mutual assistance efforts in Santa Rosa are part of the Western Region Mutual Assistance Group (WRMAG), a group of utilities that reach out to other companies to help restore power in times of need. 

Santa Rosa mutual assistance

With a few SCE crews up north, the utility’s contingent of crews remain on alert and at the ready throughout its service territory.


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