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Linemen at the Ready During Latest SoCal Heat Wave

July 10 is Lineman Appreciation Day, a celebration of lineworkers across the country.

Lineman Appreciation Day

Lineman Appreciation Day may be around the corner on Monday, but there is no rest for lineworkers when extreme weather conditions take over, like the current heat wave engulfing Southern California.

Many Southern California Edison troublemen, linemen and groundmen will spend this weekend and much of the summer at the ready as high temperatures could result in additional power outages. Like a car left running too long, electrical equipment can sometimes overheat and break down.

Lineman Appreciation Day

Lineman Appreciation Day is a day to honor the men and women who help bring electricity into homes and businesses across the country. July 10 was chosen as a way to honor Henry Miller, a founder of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, who was electrocuted in 1896 while working on a power pole.

This July 10, help honor our lineworkers.

Lineman Appreciation Day

For more information about lineworker jobs at Southern California Edison: edison.com/careers.