The decision to shut off power during Public Safety Power Shutoffs is based on information from fire scientists, meteorologists, and crews in the field.


Southern California Edison considers the need for Public Safety Power Shutoffs when weather and fire experts forecast dangerous conditions, including strong winds, very dry vegetation and low humidity. Combined, these create the risk that flying debris or other damage to wires and equipment could cause a fire with the potential to spread rapidly and threaten communities.

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The wildfire risks that are reduced through PSPS must be balanced against the potential public safety risks that are introduced by a temporary loss of power. SCE maintains transparent coordination with emergency management officials and other public safety partners leading up to and during PSPS events.”

Erik Takayesu, SCE Vice President, PSPS Readiness Team
EOC and Situational Awareness Center

PSPS decisions are based on quantitative analyses while accounting for qualitative factors, such as societal and emergency management impacts. This technical paper provides in-depth information and analysis regarding PSPS decision-making factors and their implementation during dangerous wildfire conditions.

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SCE Installs Covered Conductors in Wildomar District

Work is underway to strengthen the electrical system to make circuits more resilient in the face of extreme fire conditions. This will help reduce the number of PSPS events and the number of customers that experience shutoffs. 

Work is focused on the circuits that were most frequently impacted by PSPS in 2019 and 2020 and is being accelerated in order to complete it ahead of the peak of this year’s wildfire season.

Please see below for additional information regarding the efforts underway and the progress made to date.

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UPDATED: April 25, 2022