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Credit: Roberto Lazarte

Grid Safety and Resiliency Program: B-roll and Photo Assets

Note: Please credit Southern California Edison for b-roll and photos


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Composite Pole Set

Caption: SCE crews replace wooden poles with fire-resistant composite poles.













Covered Conductors

Caption: SCE crews will replace hundreds of miles of overhead power lines in high fire risk areas with insulated wire.

P2018_Covered Conductor-6662


P2018_Covered Conductor-6659


P2018_Covered Conductor-6350


P2018_Covered Conductor-6346


P2018_Covered Conductor-6305


P2018_Covered Conductor-6296


P2018_Covered Conductor-6292


Situational Awareness Center

Caption: SCE’s situational awareness center will provide the company with around-the-clock real-time information about its grid and pinpoint weather data across its 50,000-square-mile service territory.











Meteorologist 13


Vegetation Management

Caption: SCE will inspect all trees within 200 feet of its electric facilities and remove or prune trees that could strike its equipment.

Vegetation Management-7748


Vegetation Management-7745


Vegetation Management-7710


Vegetation Management-7682


Vegetation Management-7665


Vegetation Management-7651


Weather Stations

Caption: SCE will install up to 850 weather stations, beginning with 125 in 2018. Data from the weather stations will be used by a new advanced weather modeling tool that can forecast weather conditions within a third of a mile.

Weatherstation Thousand Oaks SC-4652


Weatherstation Thousand Oaks SC-4622


Weatherstation Thousand Oaks SC-4600


Weatherstation Thousand Oaks SC-4583


Weatherstation Thousand Oaks SC-4577


Weatherstation Thousand Oaks SC-4512


Weatherstation Thousand Oaks SC-4480


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